How to Make Over $1000 a Month as an Amazon Associate.

Want to start making money with Niche Sites and the Amazon Associates program but not sure where to start?

The Build.Rank.Profit E-Course will teach you step by step How to Build, Rank, and Profit from Niche Sites and Affiliate Marketing.
Sent Directly to your Inbox, this step by step course will show you exactly how to go from nothing to generating your first $1000 month selling physical products through

Watch me Build an Amazon Niche Site in Under 11 Minutes, just so you know what sort of awesome content awaits you in BuRP!.


  1. Hey Alex,

    That’s pretty cool but I have a question for you. Is it best to promote products that are a little more expensive through Amazon? I mean I’ve heard how successful some people are through using this program but since you don’t make a whole lot of money from each product that you do sell I would think that you would have to concentrate on the more expensive ones.

    I’ve never made much money promoting things on Amazon, but I also don’t create niche sites either. Really enjoyed the video so thanks for walking us through that.

    Best to you my friend,


    • Hey Adrienne,

      in a nutshell i find anything around the $100 to $200 is best as it converts well and the commision is enough to be OK with.
      Regarldess though, the idea here is to get to a point where you are making at least one sale a day.

      Join and see for yourself ;)

    • Yup, that souhld defo do the trick!

      • Short, sweet, to the point, FREE-exactly as inrofmation should be!

  2. I have joined Amazon Associate since 2 years and I want to know how to increase the conversion rate.. Can you share your tips . thanks

    • Of course mate, just sign up to the course – its totally free

  3. I’m curious to know how many websites you have created to make 1k via Amazon.. I am learning that it takes a lot of bulk – unless I am not following most advice step by step the right way. Do you mind sharing a rough number?

    • That’s a good question Nikoya!

      The idea here is to create a site that generates around $100 a month (at worst)
      Create ten of these sites and (Ok you have to create 20 or so before you find the ten that sell well – unless you are lucky) and you are making around $1000 at minimum.
      The best thing is that as we rank them they only earn us even more.
      Some months may be 2k, some may be 5!

  4. How great to came across this site as I learn to make money from Amazon.
    However, I got some question:
    1. You said “selling physical products”. What about the digital (downloadable) ones? Are you trying to say that they are less profitable?
    2. “.. anything around the $100 to $200 is best..”. For every product category, or only some of them?

    Thanks in advance.
    Signing up is done. Will love to learn more from you. :)

    • Physical products sell themselves, digital ones require you to ‘prime’ your visitor.
      If you are new to this the last thing you need is more to think about.
      This is why I preach the Amazon way.
      The price range is variable and is just a general rule so you sell a lot AND get a decent commission on the sale.

      Enjoy the course, all will be revealed in due … course. :)

    • Fraklny I think that’s absolutely good stuff.

  5. Hi Alex,

    Did you have to ask Dewalt to use their name in the url? Or is it free game when you are doing a review site? Loved the video and signed up for the emails!

    • well technically you do not but it is a contentious issue and really it comes down to how well you want to promote the site. By that I mean – outrank Dewalt and I bet there is trouble, stay out of their way and only promote their brand in a positive light and honestly – I do not see a problem

      Thanks for the comment man, and welcome to the Build Rank Profit community :)


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